Hello there and welcome to my website. I am excited for you to get to know me a little more, check out some of the awesome work that I have accomplished and a glimpse of the journey that I have lived along the way. 



Well to start, I am originally from the East Coast and grew up a surfer. My design career started off in Philadelphia where I studied graphic design, advertising and photography. Towards the end of school I started working in NYC where a lot of my focus was art directing and designing for print advertising around the city and digital campaigns. During my years in the Manhattan I have had the chance to work with some really big brands including MTV, UFC, Spike TV, Nautica and many more. After a few years in the city I made my way out to California where I since have been focusing on creating unique and exciting experiences for brands and products. Since I have the pleasure to do work for some awesome brands including Red Bull, GoPro, Sony, DC, Osiris and Tony Robbins.



Here's a few short statements from clients and past directors

I have worked with Michael for many years.  His speed of delivery and eye for design has been a great benefit to all the projects we have worked on together.  More than anything, it is Michael's ability to work well on a team and direct others to align creatively to strengthen brands that sets him apart.  

Hollis Camercon

Marketing Director | Moxie

Michael and I have worked together over the past 6 years in two different tech startups. His services are his relentless pursuit to design it right and except nothing but stellar work, and what makes me happy. He welcomes collaboration and on numerous occasions has gone the extra mile to make unrealistic deadlines that seemed near impossible.  

Jayson Jones

VP Marketing | Skyswitch

I have had the pleasure of working with Michael over the past 4 years in everything from tech and software startups to freelance projects.
My favorite thing about Michael is his ability to think so out of the box when it comes to creating unique and one of a kind brand and product experiences.
To top it off Michael never settles for designs anything short of spectacular.

Jake Jacoby

CEO | Youtily


A few fun facts about me that most people wouldn't know

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