Youtily, a new tech start up from sunny San Diego was a platform / app that put businesses out there across the web. Youtily helped local businesses manage and track their reputations and online presence.

Over a period of 9 months together our small team of 5 built out the new app and mapped out the products future roadmap.


- UXUI Research, Strategy & Design

- Art Direction

- Branding

Youtily App Business Dashboard


All In One
Analytics Suite

Youtily gave the ability for businesses to track all there leads across the web, whether they came from social, ads or organic searches along with connecting all their business directory listings in one place. No need to make an update to hundreds of directories... simply update it once and have it roll out across your entire online presence.


Marketing & Design

Aside from building out a new Youtily app, I felt it was also a great opportunity for the company to rebrand itself. Over a period of 2 weeks I rebranded the company by giving it a new logo, redefining the brand tone and the way it communicated with its customers. We reworked the customer service experiences, business pitches and everything else needed to give the brand a positive experience and visual facelift.


Over a period of 9 months we did everything from design and develop a new product app, rebrand the company, rework the customer service angles and completely revamped the brands online presence.

When we launched the app and rebrand we had 30,000 subscribers within the first month.

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