Warner Music Group is the biggest music label in the world responsible for managing some of the most famous artists and labels of our time such as Atlantic Records, Van Halen, Prince, Pantera, Wu-Tang Clang along with countless others.


For an organization this large across the globe Warner did not have any internal platform for their artists and vendors to manage their day to day. When these artists are not on stage or laying down tracks, they have a full-time job just like most of us. Up until recently all of these type of tasks were managed by simply personal notes and emails, which can only be so efficient when performing business processes across the globe involving multiple departments, time zones and languages.


I teamed up with Warner to create the first ever artist and vendor management platform. The goal was to create a platform and app for Warner artists and vendors to manage their day to day and requests. This includes schedules, various requests, expenses, bill pay, merch and inventory, various communication methods, Ai chatbots and so much more!


- UXUI Research, Strategy & Design

- Project & Team Management

- Product Design

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Artist App Home & Menu Screen

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The Chatbot

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One of the services we wanted to include with the platform was on-boarding new artists, vendors and customers. Up until now Warner was using old school paper forms that took hours of filling out. After examining all these forms and working closely with Warners legal team to see how we could simplify these these processes, I came up with one universal on-boarding process that worked for artists, vendors and customers across the globe.


We started with a 3 week long discovery session. During then we met with Warners different departments heads from all over the world to hear their concerns and wants for this platform.


Over the next 12 weeks we designed and developed a robust and innovative platform that resulted in serious world wide changes among the organization including, faster on-boarding, effective project and requests tracking, streamlined improved workflows and much more.

Warner was so happy with the outcome that they signed a deal with us right after for another 2 years worth of projects.

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