It was that time of year and Mr. Robbins wanted to create a Holiday Campaign like nothing the company has ever done before. Tony wanted a fun interactive shopping experience for his customers along with a fun social experience.


- Art Direction
- Campaign Concept & Design

- User Experience Strategy & Design

- User Interface Strategy & Design

- Interactive Gift Picker Experience


The first step was creating a kickass campaign style to set the tone for everything. Once my team came up with the design style we held a holiday photoshoot so we could have some really cool assets and product shots to use throughout the campaign.
To give the customers an interactive shopping experience I created a Holiday Gift Picker. The Gift Picker was a digital experience that walked users through a series of questions to see what area their or a loved one's life could best use help in, then guided them down a path to their recommended products. To top it off for the fun social aspect I created a Holiday Advent Calendar where every day of December up until Christmas, users could go to the specific day and get everything from free content and free products to custom ring tones, emojis, holiday recipes and more.

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