The notorious Tony Robbins does just about everything that he can do to help others from live events to life coaching, but what about those who can't afford to see him? Tony Robbins decided he wanted to create a digital program for every area of life coaching from business to personal so people could coach themselves through these digital audio and video programs.


- Art Direction

- Product Design

- User Experience Strategy & Design

- User Interface Strategy & Design


When I was creating this app I really wanted to give users a unique experience unlike all the other self coaching apps out there. I spent a lot of my time in the beginning on the UXUI strategy to really ensure the best experience. The one thing I noticed was that all the video players out there to integrate into the app didn't have all the functionalities that I was looking for. So to provide the best experience I simply designed my own custom video player for the app. One that allowed users to do everything from bookmark and take clip notes to journal entries along side the video. When we launched the app it was a big success. Users loved everything that the app offered from the content and branding to all the awesome user features and functionalities that one could utilize during these self coaching programs.

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