Sony was releasing a new pair of custom headphones called the X10's and needed a fun, interactive website to generate a buzz around the product.


I partnered with them to help take the brands E-commerce website to the next level and set them a part from the rest of their competition. We set out to accomplish this by creating a unique, interactive website that made shopping their products fun and educational for consumers and wholesalers.


- Art & Campaign Direction

- UXUI Research, Strategy & Design

- Font Creation

X10 Product Landing Page


I created a fun and interactive landing page where users could go to get educated and hear the buzz about the product. I had comments and posts from social media in real-time flowing throughout the page where users could comment and join the conversations to discuss the product.

One of my favorite parts of this project was creating the custom font from scratch that was used across the marketing campaigns and product ads. I did this by getting a 15' by 15' piece of wallboard and painted a giant custom type alphabet across it. Once I painted out all the letters I digitized the font to finalize.

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