Ever since I was a designer in the fashion advertising industry in New York I have developed a passion for apparel design. Not sure what happened to most of the good apparel designers out there, but in the recent years you could not pay me to wear most of the clothes being sold in my favorite shops. I decided to start designing and making my own clothes that I wanted to wear. Soon my apparel caught on and people around me were always commenting on the clothes and asked me where they could get them. It was then I decided to create
Seven Clothing Co.


- Owner & Creator

- Designer

- Screen Printer, Craftsman, Seamstress



I spent the next 2 years of my life building Seven Clothing Co. In that time I built the brand, taught myself how to sew, screen print and all the other crafting skills it takes to create your own apparel.

Seven was one of the only high end surf and skate apparel brands in the market thats products were all hand crafted. Not only did I create kick ass comfy apparel, but I also helped communities and the environment while doing so. I donated a portion of every product sold towards charities that share similar missions.

Seven isn't just a brand to me, it's a lifestyle.