Ever since I was a designer in the fashion advertising industry in New York I have developed a passion for apparel design. It got to a point where all the stores I shopped at, you couldn't pay me enough to wear some of the ugly clothes these brands were coming out with. I figured I am going to just have to make the clothes I want to wear myself. It caught on and people all around me would comment on the clothes and ask where they could get them. It was then I decided to create Seven Clothing Co.


- Owner & Creator
- Design

- Marketing

- Screen Printing & Sewing

- Brand Rep & Event Coordinating


I have spent over the past 2 years of my life building Seven Clothing Co. In that time I built the brand, taught myself how to sew, screen print and all the other crafting skills it takes to create your own apparel line.

In short Seven is a high end surf, skate and lifestyle apparel brand, designed and hand crafted by myself. Not only do I create, kickass comfy apparel, but I also help communities and the environment while doing so by donating a portion of every product sold towards charities that share similar missions.
Seven isn’t just a brand to me, it’s a lifestyle.

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