GoPro held a private event to teach their riders how to effectively use social media. Being that GoPro paid a lot of money to these athletes they wanted to make sure they effectively knew how to best represent the company on social media. They held a contest where all the athletes paired up on teams to compete in fun activities while learning how to post with content professionals. They contracted me to create an app for the event and an interactive leader board that could be displayed in the hotel lobby for the athletes to keep up with the top scoring teams.


- Art Direction
- Design

- User Experience Strategy & Design

- User Interface Strategy & Design


I created the app by starting with all the basics, giving it an extremely clean and easy user experience/interface. It's features included a leader dashboard, custom camera, social scheduling calendar. competitor profiles and more. As for the leader board I designed the layout to be almost like an interactive pinterest board which flowed in the team and rider posts during the competition in real-time.

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